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Best French dishes with Sauces

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Would you like to highlight a French speciality during a meal idea? Discover the top 10 of our best recipes for French dishes!

The regions of France are full of very good traditional recipes, renowned throughout the world.

The quiche lorraine, the tartiflette, the ratatouille, the beef bourguignon…. Dishes that cradled our childhood, based on delicious regional products that make French gastronomy one of the most appreciated in the world.

We offer you the top 10 recipes of French dishes, to be enjoyed with family or friends!

Quiche Lorraine

There are many quick and easy quiche recipes, however, the quiche Lorraine is one of the most cooked! Why is that? Simply because it is delicious with its topping of cheese, butter, fresh cream, eggs, grilled bacon and a touch of nutmeg!

Quiche Lorraine

It is an ideal savoury tart as a starter or a main course, accompanied by a green salad or an endive salad. You can also offer variations to this quiche Lorraine recipe by adding mushrooms or leeks depending on the season, and by using chicken instead of bacon.


A winter dish par excellence, the recipe for the Savoyard tartiflette consists of potatoes, bacon, reblochon and onions. Very simple to prepare, it is delicious and warms up after a good day’s skiing! But it is also a very convivial family dish that can be eaten all year round: as it is very energetic, remember to accompany it with a green salad!

Each region has adapted the recipe to suit the local cheeses: marbiflette, matouille, croziflette (potatoes are replaced here by crozets, small buckwheat-based pasta) …

Beef Bourguignon

A great French speciality, boeuf bourguignon consists of beef simmered in red wine, with a garnish of mushrooms, carrots and onions. For more taste, you can also add bacon or a large piece of smoked bacon which will surely flavour your recipe.

It is a typical French dish in sauce that cooks for a long time, over a low heat, and is even better reheated. The ideal? Prepare it the day before and serve it with pasta or steamed potatoes.

This beef bourguignon recipe cooked especially in winter can also be revisited to surprise your guests in a Thai or Mexican version!


Simple and tasty, ratatouille is a Provencal dish that can be eaten alone or accompanied by fish or meat.

Originally, it was a stew where beans, potatoes, bread and meat were served together. Today, the ratatouille recipe is prepared with vegetable quarters (eggplant, onions, courgettes, red or yellow peppers), a bouquet garni, garlic, basil and olive oil.

To cook it differently, you can also add chicken or feta cheese or integrate it into a gourmet pie!

Either way, it’s a perfect recipe to incorporate into your evening meal ideas.

Basquaise Chicken

In the Basque Country, there are many gastronomic specialities: in addition to the famous Basque cake, there are easy-to-prepare dishes such as piperade, potato tortilla, often made with Bayonne ham or Espelette chilli pepper…

These last two ingredients are also found in the recipe for Chicken Basquaise, a complete chicken and piperade dish. To make it tasty, why not add a heart of Mediterranean vegetable broth with Provençal herbs?


Among the dishes of French gastronomy, we find the recipe for sauerkraut: a typical Alsatian dish!

The traditional recipe consists of fermented cabbage, accompanied by sausages, bacon and cold cuts, and potatoes. There is a variation with fish, called sauerkraut from the sea, with salmon, white fish and smoked fish instead of pork.

Little tip: remember to blanch the cabbage before cooking it! It will be easier to digest.


It is the ideal winter family meal, as it is very convivial and puts everyone in agreement.

Endives with ham

Here’s a quick and easy, and very affordable recipe to get back to the joy of simple things! Endives with ham are often covered with a homemade béchamel sauce and cheese ready to gratinate (comté, emmental, you choose… or not!) … And if we try with reblochon ?

The result : a delicious gratin !

A family dish often used to make children eat vegetables, because it is complete: ham provides proteins, cheese provides calcium and endives provide fibre!

Traditional Flammekueche

Coming straight from the Great East and more particularly from Alsace and Lorraine, the flammekueche is a flambéed tart with a fine pastry base, topped with fresh cream, bacon and onions.

Easy to share in a meal with friends, it is easily declined with mushrooms, salmon, goat/honey, paprika, and even sweetened!

Tip to make it lighter: in your flammekueche recipe, replace the cream with fromage blanc, less fat! And accompany it with a salad, for a dish at the time of a dinner or lunch idea!

Rooster with wine

Coq au vin is a traditional dish emblematic of French cuisine. It is a variant of the boeuf bourguignon prepared with a rooster cut into pieces that will simmer in red wine. Accompany it with onions, carrots, mushrooms and a bouquet garni.

You can serve it with steamed potatoes or a small rice timbale per person.

Alternatively, you can cook this coq au vin recipe in quality white wine. To lighten it, bind the sauce with veal stock and replace the bacon with bacon! Take advantage of your discount vouchers to make this French dish



Bouillabaisse is a typical soup from the Marseilles region (where there is a Bouillabaisse Charter) consisting of :

– various fish (scorpion fish, stonefish, conger eel, monkfish…),

– shellfish and crustaceans (mussels, shrimps…)

– vegetables (tomatoes, onion, fennel…)

– aromatic

– mustard

– and egg yolks.

Originally, it was an anti-gaspi recipe in the form of a stew prepared in Greece in fishing families with fish that had not been sold by auction. Today, it is traditionally served with croutons rubbed with garlic and rouille, a sauce made with garlic, saffron and olive oil.

The bouillabaisse recipe is very light and rich in omega 3, ideal as a light meal idea for summer!


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