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Thai dishes are so delicacies

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Thailand is known as a tourist attraction for many with its lush, sunny beaches and geographical attractions. My travel revolves around food, and I crave the delicacies of each place I visit, and Thailand just stunned me to the point of craziness. Landed in Bangkok, checked into a hotel, and after a rest for a while, the next thing was Lunch, and in Bangkok, you can’t escape its street food delicacies, and here, we go to the Victory Monument. This place can be termed as the center of street food in Bangkok with lots of food stalls, restaurants, the smell of that delicious food all around. There are some significant delicacies that place has to offer

Tom Yum Soup:

It’s not just a soup, it’s a phenomenon, a symphony, and treat in all means. It’s a fragrant and hot combination of herbs and spices like lemongrass, kaffirs, cinnamon, and red chili. The combination of these with shrimps and oysters is mind-blowing, but varieties are also available in chicken, lamb, and some modern twisted on traditional flavor combined with flat heads. The names are also different like for prawns it’s Tom Yun Kung and chicken Tom Yum kai. 

Pad Thai:

The most celebrated food across Thailand and the world. The cultural combination on a plate. A trip would be nothing if you didn’t taste this. It’s a combination of rice noodles with the pan-fried tofu, eggs, seasoned with tamarind, pepper chili, fish sauce along with shallots and prawns with varieties in chicken and fish as well. For a vegetarian, it is served with roasted peanuts fresh rosemary sauce and thyme, and crisp lettuce and cucumber sauce. 

Khao Phat:


Now it’s a staple of Thailand created with jasmine rice with a combination of seafood like crab, prawns, and shrimps usually but also served with green vegetable curry or a red chili coconut curry as per your choice. The seasoning includes soya sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, and aroma of sesame seed and there you always found a new and different twist on each stall you visit. It is also served with sides of tomato cucumber and coriander for freshness. 

Khanom Buang:

Thai food is not all about savory; it’s a sweet spot also. The most appealing of deserts I found is Khanom Buang. It’s a crepe with a topping with coconut cream over roasted sesame seed along with egg yolk, adding a savory combination over the overpowering sweetness. It’s a heavenly dessert telling a story of each flavor you dig in each layer. 

Kao Niew Ma Muang:

Now the fruit king also plays a significant role in the Thai dessert. It’s sticky mango rice, a glutenous and mouth-watering combination of traditional rice with the sweetness of mango and coconut cream topped with mung beans. The fresh one is just like a cold fragrance melting in your mouth. It can only be eaten raw as with time cream tend to take a rustic turn turning it a little sour.


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